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4 Essential Things You Need To Know About Your Hormones:

  • PMS is caused by hormone depletion
  • Estrogen and Progesterone must be in balance before you can feel good. Your body must be producing progesterone at healthy levels and your hormone receptors must be able to receive them.
  • When they’re out of the balance, PMS happens – you cannot avoid feeling badly, unless you take fast action.
  • When you balance hormones, your body feels great, symptoms diminish dramatically…often disappear.

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Pain Cramps Bloating


  • Asensia FAST-Acting is FAST. It immediately allows your body to utilize greater levels of present progesterone – and that has the quick effect of reducing (and even eliminating) monthly symptoms, including pain, cramps, mood swings and bloating.
  • No prescription necessary.
  • Female doctor recommended.
  • Asensia FAST-Acting does not contain any hormones or synthetic hormones. Instead, it is formulated with a natural ingredient that supports your body to respond better to the hormones your body already has.

Asensia Fast Acting

All Natural Fast Acting

Fast-Acting Asensia Is a Natural Botanical Extract from Phaleria macrocarpa, a plant that has been used safely for centuries in traditional medicine.

Phaleria macrocarpa